[WWE] Meiko Satomura-Top Moves Compilation

One of the main reasons why I love International tournaments like the Cruiserweight classic and The Mae Young classic is because, we get to see some new wrestlers. Meiko Satomura is one of those Woman wrestlers that I’m extremely happy to learn about. She is literally one of the best wrestlers I’ve ever seen. After watching her first match I knew immediately why they call her “The Final Boss” in Japan. Every move she did looked brutal, smooth and legit. She may have lost in the Mae Young Classic but she was the MVP of the tournament without a doubt. I doubt she signed with NXT after the tournament but I hope we one day get to see her compete again in the WWE. She is truly a Legend in Wrestling. This compilation will be showcasing the Top Moves Of Meiko Satomura.
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kvow TM
1 month ago

In 1 week … Meiko Satomura New NXT UK women´s champion :3

Dirtiest Soul / Sena
1 month ago

She wrestled in wcw at 19 years old

Certified Dre
1 month ago

Jesus that Scorpion Kick

Book Worm
1 month ago

I was saying "Oh My God" non-stop

Chris Laucella
1 month ago


Kevin Blanchard
1 month ago

To the women of NXT UK:
You have no idea what you are in for

1 month ago


toshi Shiaehaya
1 month ago


Hoss 4250
1 month ago

WWE is going to water her down like they did Asuka.

Scott Miller
1 month ago

Imagine if we got Sasha Banks vs Meiko

1 month ago

Meiko is serously on another lvl here, i heard shes joining nxt UK as a coach and on-air talent.

Mario perez
1 month ago

Exelente luchadora

Live 15:13
1 month ago

Japanese WOMEN might be the best professional wrestler's in the world. WWE needs a Japanese wrestling stable. It would have been insane with Kairi, Asuka, Io, Shinsuke and one more taking on the rest of WWE.

1 month ago

So glad she didn't sign with WWE!

Kaz Wachowski
1 month ago

Imagine her in AEW. This woman is on her own level.

1 month ago

Meiko signed a contract to feature Joshi Puroresu but to put Toni Storm over bcuz of NXT UK launch…clearly capitalist, business tactics.

Luke Thomas
1 month ago

Don't care what anyone says, or how many people out there like Toni Storm. It should've been Io Shirai and Meiko Satomura in the MYC finals two years ago.

Samuel M.E
1 month ago

I hope she never goes to wwe cuz they already doing Asuka and Kairi Sane dirty Io is okay tho

Moises Castrejon
1 month ago

I hope she never goes to the WWE, look what they've done with Asuka, Kairi and Io. sigh

Claudio Lenato
1 month ago

She's one hell of a freaking wrestler. Love her style and execution so much.

Scott Bc
1 month ago

She’s dangerous

unti chan
1 month ago


1 month ago

More like "Renee Young OHHHH Compilation"

Suave Jode
1 month ago

Fun fact : She is Pete Dunne's favorite wrestler

1 month ago


Michael Chan
1 month ago

I bet she has a Super loyal Husband. She will literally kick the shit out of him if he messes around

Felipe Gutierrez
1 month ago

wwe fucked this tournament by making tony the winner, it was so predictable. You cant deny this woman deserved to win.

1 month ago


Hilman Ali
1 month ago

She should on wwe's women division

Edge Green
1 month ago

Bruh, she's amazing. These are KOs!!


What about her DDT

1 month ago

Maybe she should have won the MYC…

1 month ago


Real Jay Swavo
1 month ago

Bruhhhhh that finishing move is deadly

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