Randy Orton wins his first title in WWE at Armageddon 2003: Best of Randy Orton sneak peek

A young Viper dethrones Intercontinental Champion Rob Van Dam in this excerpt from Best of Randy Orton: The Legend Killer, streaming now on Peacock in the U.S. and on the WWE Network Free Version elsewhere.
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ziyad abbas
2 years ago

Always randy orton beats rvd

Maxwell Peter
2 years ago

This will be added on the next 2k showcase based on orton's career

oyun padişahı
2 years ago

Best wrestler best figthter best atlect Randy Orton king reis best in the world wrestler and figther

2 years ago

That was real emotion from Randy. First Orton in his family to win a title in WWE

Donald Divino
2 years ago

randy ortongrade 6 elem. Sa video na yan.

Matthew Bush
2 years ago

Randy orton has succeeded won his 1st IC CHAMPIONSHIP Armageddon

Sunju Baba
2 years ago

Legend killer

NotWrecked 1233
2 years ago

I thought it said watch randy orton first world title win I was finna be like no way…

Asif X Venom
2 years ago

The Viper❤

George Alex
2 years ago

The greatest of all time

2 years ago

Ruthless Aggression era, good times. I wanted to be IC Champion so bad as a kid lol.

Stivi Shehu
2 years ago

Just Legend.

DublooDublooEee !!
2 years ago

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God bless you and your family.

منوعات منوعات

طيب ليش ماشي شيلات

2 years ago

Randy wins first title and create RKO

2 years ago

The youngest wrestler to win a title before Nicholas won a tag team title at Wrestlemania.

2 years ago

Now post when randy orton wins his first world championship agains {[REDACTED]}

2 years ago

2004 Summerslam, where he found the missing title.

sharam jamra
2 years ago


world entertainment box


Tim Kruse
2 years ago

man he did alot in his early wwe career as the legend killer

white-collar clasher
2 years ago

So nostalgic

Mangla Dwivedi
2 years ago

From 'The Legend Killer' to 'The Legend', The man who never left WWE for Hollywood, Randy Orton is amazing ♥️

Cool Grandma
2 years ago

Remember when he just found the World Heavyweight title at Summerslam 2004? Good times…

Sira Srinives
2 years ago

Don't downplay it WWE. How about his first world heavyweight winning, huh?

krishna vashishtha
2 years ago

Randy Orton is the best wrestler in the world

Aditya Dev
2 years ago

Why WWE live events are not available in my country Bangladesh in WWE YouTube channel?

2 years ago


PR7 Creations
2 years ago

This 2003 armageddon pay per view is better than all of pay per views today

2 years ago

how many intercontinental champions don’t have their own entrance music?

Ralf Ronel Ayes
2 years ago

It's sad that kids today will never see the footage of Randy Orton winning the World's Heavyweight Title

Laura Márquez
2 years ago

Normalmente los comentarios son ignorados, pero les deseo que Dios guarde a cada una de nuestras familias de toda esta pandemia que nos tiene asechados …

Luis Rodríguez
2 years ago

The beginning of the best wrestler ever produced by WWE

Tei'Zhan McFall
2 years ago

Congratulations to Randy Orton by becoming the new Intercontinental Champion's.

Ganji raviteja
2 years ago

When indian wrestlers return wwe

Kratos G.O.W
2 years ago

What a beautiful drop kick

Kratos G.O.W
2 years ago

Randy orton is an underrated legend

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