USA Network "Furious" Over WWE Raw Ratings | Triple H Assembles Team For New NXT Show

The USA Network are reportedly “furious” with WWE after the worst Raw ratings ever. On top of that, we have news of Triple H assembling a team to oversee a new NXT show; and we have the reason a prominent figure of IMPACT Wrestling is stepping away from the promotion at the end of the year.


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Anonymous Otter
11 months ago

Cut Raw back down to two hours

11 months ago

Make Raw 2 hours long, bring back blood and use the ladies for sex appeal.

Alex Watts
11 months ago

All I want for Christmas is for Sam to eat his hat.

11 months ago

3:32 Randy sets a box on fire with bray wyatt inside: "That's not extreme enough, we need to go deeper".

TLC 2020: Are you satisfied now?

Leland Alvarez
11 months ago

USA Network: Wants more dark and violent content
WWE: Ok more inferno matches it is proceeds to set Bray Wyatt ablaze
USA Network: Perfect!

Ian McAndrew
11 months ago

Wrestling, by nature, should be edgy and not geared toward toddlers

Edrick Keshishian
11 months ago

2019 and 2020 have been the 2 worst years in WWE history and anybody denying it is a shill

11 months ago

Over saturation and people staying at home, they get tired of seeing the same shit all the time. I've spend a lot more time at home this year, and I've watched a lot less television. Just tired of TV. Another thing to ponder, with the pandemic, the USA Network is on pay cable TV, so maybe a lot of the audience can't afford to pay for TV right now when they are trying to make ends meet, seems like TV is the first luxury to go.

Jude Servina
11 months ago

Until they push McMahon out of creative these problems will persist. He's completely out of touch.

David Garcia
11 months ago


So Lame
11 months ago

Well a few years ago they made the fans GM, so it’s all our fault. Especially the Cultaholic team.

Rob Boss
11 months ago

Kids don't want to be treated like kids , it's why the attitude era worked. Show me the 11 year old boy that doesn't like T and a , cursing blood, crazy stories.

Mihai Nastasiu
11 months ago

cultaaholic are the best wrestling news team in this business

John Doe
11 months ago

1.5 million viewers is embarrassing for a show that once had an average of 5 million viewers weekly. At this point, Raw is like the Simpsons; a show that was once at the forefront of popular culture that today is not even a shadow of what it once was.

The Cool Kids
11 months ago

Raw has been boring for a while now. A long while.

Tog Borne
11 months ago

They aren’t fans of them pouring gunge over peoples heads. And that crappy, watered down version of the old hardcore title.

Unkle Salty
11 months ago

Madison probably realized she could make more money from simps on OnlyFans.

Unkle Salty
11 months ago

The Fiend is why I don't watch this garbage anymore. Windham Rotundo is a talented, second generation wrestler who can cut a killer promo and work his ass off. The Fiend is just a third-rate scifi character with a puppet show. I want to watch WRESTLING, not a f**king puppet show.

Unkle Salty
11 months ago

I think when USA means adult content they might be suggesting that an actual adult write the show.

11 months ago

USA didn’t even say anything, wrestling dirt sheets make it up for a sense of relevancy

11 months ago

what astounds me is that aew with no crowd has offered great performance and moments. and the small crowd feels full. in contrast to wwe rubbish scripts filled a solid roster. it feels hollow no matter how many movesets. its been hit and miss. aew is not perfect it just keeps evolving and makes me wonder what will happen in the year(s) to come. their friendly deals with nwa, impact, lucha aaa and hopefully njpw is making wrestling interesting. i know impact has no crowd but they have good performers and that small avalanche growing makes you curious. wwe cant compete with that nor get involved for many reasons.

Life with Khadija 786
11 months ago

Good morning

James Foster
11 months ago

Only if they had a guy on their roster who is an amazing striker, with an awesome dark gimmick, who seethes edge, and can beautifully kick the head off of anyone shoulders. cough Aleister Black cough

Dennis Fortner
11 months ago

WWE messed up when they made a part time wrestler, Brock Lesnar, the top champion. People want to see all the belts having a part to play in each show. WWE also has too many wrestlers and too many belts, which makes it confusing to some of the newer generation of wrestling fans. If WWE is to be saved, it has to go back to its roots. Once a week live wrestling and the rest is recorded. They also have to release many wrestlers to meet a salary cap and it would also help with the story plots. Decreasing the pay-per-view events would really help to build better fueds, I'd say by half (6 per year). Before WWE became the top wrestling organization, AWA (American Wrestling Association) was the top. AWA also made huge mistakes that WWE is making right now, but they never recovered and went bankrupt. If WWE does not act now, history will repeat itself and WWE will be no more.

Richard Gadberry
11 months ago

WWE, HIRE RUSSO! (clap clap clap clap clap)!

zach krake
11 months ago

Honestly I'm pretty new to to the world of wrestling and AEW is a huge part of that, part of the reason the WWE always turned me off is that it seemed hellbent of insulting your intelligence, and I don't mean the stuff to goad the audience or just normal wrestling screw ups, it's more the trying to merge the fan and corporate cultures, domineering over the talent until you feel bad for them, being abnormally fixated on being no. 1, it detracts from everything else going on in the ring making it hard to watch, AEW could easily turn out that way or end up just underdelivering, but right now it's all new stuff and even when it goes wrong is all new with no shadow hanging over it, the relative maturity of content aimed at the audience isn't that big of factor to me, even as a fan of the hardcore stuff and Jackass enthusiast that I am, if I need a fix I'll find it, just work on the overall quality and try to fade the looming presence of outside problems into the background by solving them, preferably ethically and discreetly

Mr Pickles
11 months ago

Wow, I never knew Julian Assange now works for Cultaholic. What a coup!

11 months ago

hope they arent in tier 4 cause they will be stuck 😀

Flawless P
11 months ago

Why are we talking about TV ratings in 2020.

TV ratings couldnt be a worse metric for viewership.

It's not WWE's fault that USA is in a dying business.

Carlos Tobon
11 months ago

Was huge fan of WWE in minday night wars but now…. goodbye and welcome AEW

11 months ago

Only morons would actually believe the USA Network thing. The source of that article sounds like it was written by a 10 year old. "They want more adult content. Not sexy adult, but dark and violent adult". Sounds legit.

Old Baron corbin
11 months ago

Raw is War, Smackdown live, and NXT Redemption in Attitude Era on USA

11 months ago

Does USA ever consider that the ratings are so bad in part because they force WWE to keep that third hour of Raw?

11 months ago

Omg a pain Olympics reference in 2020! This is the type of content I come for!

K Zed
11 months ago

I have problems with AEW but i trust the product. Think back to Dark Orders debut when everyone shit on it or Butcher and Blade. Ive been burned too many times by WWE to give them the same trust

Kyle Benson
11 months ago

Cut the third hour off of Raw. and change some other things from there. 3 hours is too long.

Mike Henderson
11 months ago

Raw underground confir

Ricky Tr3y
11 months ago

Less Marvel, more DC

nick p
11 months ago

Raw has been awful for awhile! Smackdown is much better

Adam Gough
11 months ago

Low Ratings come from one thing, and one thing only – It’s the WWE’s incessantly repetitive, mind numbing storytelling style. There is no point tuning in to RAW when the matches are basically the same as last week (and usually the week before as well).

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