Japanese watches WWE TOP 500 OMG MOMENTS Part 4


This is a reaction video!
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8 months ago

The tables are made out of chipboard which is a very thin wood product. They break so easy because of the weight of most of the wrestlers, but there are some instances where they don’t break, and even break before anybody touches them. The chairs are ACTUAL chairs just modified so they fully close to cause "less injuries". The steps are ACTUALLY real steel steps usually weighing abt 250 pounds if they’re not gonna be used in the match, but if they are they’re abt 150 pounds. And for the ladders I don’t really know, because some wrestlers have said that they’re real ladders, but some have said they’re hollowed out so they’re lighter and "safer" to use. I’d say they probably use a mix of both real and "fake" objects depending on the circumstances.

8 months ago

Being fake as some people say doesn't mean they don't feel pain and it's safe but still you can call it sport with script. It's really really dangerous but so fun to watch and these guys and their body are on another level. They're so strong

Mofeta From Brooklyn
8 months ago

At the 9:52 mark, Io Shirai and Kairi Sane (now “KAIRI” in Stardom), two Japanese women’s wrestlers doing a powerbomb combo on Bianca Belair and Shayna Baszler

Dominik Jeske
8 months ago

kawaii woman

Fredderych Alexander
8 months ago

Well jejoxs XD

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