Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen vs. Tank Ledger & Hank Walker: WWE NXT highlights, May 9, 2023

The team of Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen is officially back together and winning again after their split during Jensen’s time dating Kiana James. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more. #WWENXT
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King Higgins
3 months ago

Nice win by Josh And Brooks

Drippy Jayy
3 months ago

I’m digging ledger dude is an energetic monster

Lewis Mumford
3 months ago

Hank and Tank looking like Heavy Machinery 2.0

Shaoki Chowdhury
3 months ago

Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen are dating each other in real life.

Delvon Ferguson, Jr.
3 months ago

Great match for both teams, Josh and Brooks next NXT tag team champions

Mike Colin Wilde
3 months ago

Hank Lost A Tooth & Saved It For The Tooth Fairy? Good Start For Hank & The Tank.

Hank ‘N’ Tank That Is.

Midnight Carnage
3 months ago

What An Awful Match Two Jobber Teams

Roman Coquioco
3 months ago

Brooks could put on a little bit more muscle and chisel out. Him and Briggs would be really good as tag team champs

dan forrester
3 months ago

Now that was a really good match for it only being 3 minutes they laiddd in

Imprint Jones
3 months ago

Still don't like Briggs or Jensen but these 4 guys just beat the FAWK outta each other so hats off

Jawan Farmer
3 months ago

This was a hell of a fight man between both teams

Khalil The Highlight Real Sports Report

Briggs & Jensen get a hard hitting win, what a match this is Vs Hank & Tank.

Vyani Johnson
3 months ago

Roman reigns will soon die and I'll announce his funeral on August 2, 2023

3 months ago

Tank Ledger losing his tooth and just giving a f..k about it…seems to be a tough guy.
I miss Josh Briggs' old finisher by the way. Even if he possibly can't or shouldn't do his Chokeslam Onto Knees anymore, since doing it from top rope and dislocating his hip nearly ended his career before WWE, but still this finisher was one of the most awesome and devastating looking ones.

All Mighty Lowercase Jay

Need more of that from dem boyz

Wrestle Shrine
3 months ago

They should have carried on Brooks Jensen's storyline drifting away for longer. They only had one match last week and Brooks had a good look and character. Too bad they ended it so soon

Juan Lopez
3 months ago

Jesus man Briggs and Jensen showed up like a heel tag team lol. That was physical as hell man. I didnt really care much for them at first but hey now im kinda digging them. If booked like this, they can be the Modern APA.

Ernest Wert
3 months ago

Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen are brothers?

3 months ago

The Tank n Hank connection.

3 months ago


Santino Graviano
3 months ago

Hank and The Tank = Heavy Machinery 2.0

شمس الرحمة
3 months ago

Hahahaha hahahaha

SAMU 045
3 months ago

Brooks and Jensen aro one of those teams that need to be togethe forever because its members don't look as single stars but have a big future as top tag team

Antonio Boyd Jr.
3 months ago

Josh & Brooks are the luckiest boys that Fallon was there those 3 are just like white people

3 months ago

damn this match is explosive

Branson Belcher
3 months ago

A reconciling Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs are both back on the same page and winning their first match against their respective teams (Hank Walker and Tank Ledger) in the return of the reconciled Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs!

Crimson Reads
3 months ago

Bruh. I never realized how massive Josh and ridiculously strong he was

Kirsten Krohe
3 months ago

Go briggs and jensen

3 months ago

Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen should win the NXT Tag Team Championships.

Jeff Picinic
3 months ago

Briggs & Jensen looking good and powerful. Where are the blue jeans that Jensen looks so hot in? Loved the body slam from Tank

J25 Record Music
3 months ago

Brooks Jensen & Josh Briggs or Tank Ledger & Hank Walker future NXT Tag-Team Champions.

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