Religion Of WWE Superstars #usa #india

Religion Of WWE Superstars

00:30 Kane
00:50 The Rock
01:20 Triple H

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Abdullah Fathi
4 months ago

Sami Zayn – Muslim

Giovanni Socci
4 months ago

None of them are christians,but they can or some one else can call them christians,but they are not.

Jesus Parra
4 months ago

Jesus is the lord.

jayvon Noel Smith
4 months ago

Let's all pray to God

Jaxon Bazzell
4 months ago

Let’s all pray for God more thank you for this day. Thank you for his food. I hope nobody is rude to me about this because I’m just trying to help everybody here. If you’re on a bad pass I’m trying to put them on a good one. I know we’ve all done bad things that you haven’t been too happy for what we all know that one year doing bad things to strain us up you’re doing it for a good reason and putting us on the right path we all love you and hopefully people respect me for listening respect you are every day. I love you hopefully everybody else does a man.

4 months ago

Rinku Singh is Hindu.

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