(720pHD): WCW COTC 08/15/96 – Madusa vs. Bull Nakano (w/Sonny Onoo)

WCW Clash of the Champions XXXIII: Bull Nakano, accompanied by Sonny Onoo, goes head to head with Madusa in singles action.

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2 years ago

It's a damn shame how in the early to mid-90's that both the WWF & WCW had talented women wrestlers on their rosters and with the exception of WCW's push of Madusa, Akira Hokuto, and Bull Nakano for the most part wasted their talents and abilities.

Julian Young
2 years ago

"Come on, Madusa, kick her in her fat ass!"

Haha, but everyone knows Nakano was superior in every way.

Paul Design&Comics
2 years ago

I read Nakano is now a pro golfer. She quit doing drugs and lost weight.

2 years ago

Sonny ono an innocent bystander. Bobby the brain was a true legend

2 years ago

3:30 … "Come on Madusa, kick her in her FAT ASS!" hahaha

Jonny Worldbeater
2 years ago

I swear, these two are the women's equivalent of Flair/Steamboat. Two of the best to ever step in the ring, phenomenal chemistry together, and I could watch them fight forever & never get tired of it 'cuz they always have a good match, whether they wrestle for 5 minutes or an hour.

Jose M Cazares
2 years ago

Lesbian action please

2 years ago

Respect to both wrestlers…but I think Nakano was scarier in WWF. Obviously she was her best in Japan.

Kathy from MacArthur Village

Their WWF matches were better
WCW was trash
The wrestling was trash
I don’t get it when people compare AEW or TNA to that mockery

tyler warner
2 years ago

Why does she look like a cockatoo

David _
2 years ago

this is a bullshit scripted win. There is no way that Alundra Blayze/Madusa, whatever the f*ck you call her would ever beat the legendary Bull Nakano. Same bullshit happened in WWF

Austin Ryan
2 years ago

These aint no sissy divas!

2 years ago

4:46 It'd be nice a Kiss my Ass match or Kiss my Foot match

2 years ago

How was the record of matches between these two ladies of wrestling? Close? Which one has more victories?

Virginia Arias
2 years ago

What an awful end

LB 2.0.
2 years ago

Ehh not as good as their previous encounters.

2 years ago


1st Name Basis
2 years ago

ref is blind

Lance Brown
2 years ago

They also fought in wwe/f that's much better than this one

Haunt Linda
2 years ago

The best female wrestling comes from Japan.

johnny ho
2 years ago

This is literally acting

pete smart
2 years ago

2 of the greatest female wrestlers

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