John Cena’s greatest rivals: WWE Top 10, June 27, 2021

Look back at John Cena’s most bitter rivalries, featuring The Rock, Batista and more of Cena’s iconic opponents.
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Bossis Sambi
2 years ago

Where is CM Punk ?

Bossis Sambi
2 years ago

The Miz and AJ Styles don't deserve too be on this list

Bossis Sambi
2 years ago

That was a awful list

H 17
2 years ago

As a ruthless agression fan it's always gonna be cena and batista for me

gamer CZ
2 years ago

I hate cena

Keon Carr
2 years ago

Relive all the classic feuds with John Cena himself as he gives insight into the rivalries that defined his wwe legacy from his early confrontations with Eddie Guerrero and Chris Jericho to career-defining battles with Shawn michaels, the miz, JBL, Kurt angle, AJ styles, Triple h and Brock Lesnar to his recent conflicts with Edge, Batista, Randy Orton, cm punk and the rock experience all of John Cena's greatest rivalries in this definitive collection and witness the evolution of John Cena's greatest rivalries in this definitive collection and witness the evolution of John cena into one of the greatest wwe superstars of all time

Danita Est
2 years ago

What about the unterdaker and cm punk , they had pretty good matches with Cana, also, what the heck is Orion doing on this list

Lorn Vichethvithia
2 years ago

Umaga Nexus Cm punk are missing

Lorn Vichethvithia
2 years ago

1 Orton
2 Edge
3 Punk
4 Nexus
5 Angle
6 Batista
7 Rock
8 AJ
10 Umaga

Unomie Stewpit
2 years ago

Cm punk is his best,you think I came back watch wwe because of cena?? But punk and cena feud is.

Bts Army
2 years ago

John is the best❤❤❤

2 years ago

Big Show??

2 years ago

This was posted on my bday and it’s my favorite wrestler

Jericho Pelayo
2 years ago

CM Punk & Bray Wyatt?

Martavious Tisby
2 years ago

So many rivalry

Jennifer Nwagwu
2 years ago

Randy Orton definitely deserved that number one spot

jamie Garbutt
2 years ago

No Cm Punk, Bray Wyatt???

Prahb Jot
2 years ago

Love u jon cena

Rakshith J
2 years ago

AJ Styles didn't deserve a spot though

2 years ago

The reason CM Punk isn't on the list is because John Cena never beat him for the title. Also is it a rivalry when Cena only won one match against him? (he may have won more but not high enough profile to remember)

The Best
2 years ago

And cm punk?

Shoaib Ahmed
2 years ago

No cm punk? No Shawn Michael?

Brandon cabiness
2 years ago

If cm punk couldn't be on the list than at the very least they should have listed edge No.1 since there rivalry helped both guys reach main event status.

Daniel Williams
2 years ago

My favorite is the AJ styles rivalry

Straight Edge Society
2 years ago

1. Randy Orton
2. CM Punk
3. Edge
4. Triple H
5. Bray Wyatt
6. Brock Lesnar
7. JBL
8. Seth Rollins
9. Batista
10. The Rock

arshia mshhh
2 years ago

cm punk?????????

2 years ago

JohnCena its so strong boii

Manuel Macias
2 years ago

Invalid list. Cm Punk has to be on this list

2 years ago

No CM Punk? Way to invalidate your own list. Lol

2 years ago

Edge, randy and cmpunk are easily top 3 for cena rivals

Leory S
2 years ago

Between Edge and JBL were my favorite John Cena rivalries

2 years ago

Surprised they didn’t put Roman Reigns on here

2 years ago

The first one is me getting whooped

2 years ago

Missing CM Punk Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt

2 years ago


Anirban Bhattacharya
2 years ago

Brock Lesnar.

lebron is the goat
2 years ago

John Cena and Randy : awesome
John cena and Kurt angle :great
John Cena and cm punk : unforgettable and legend

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