Bad Bunny isn’t afraid to throw down! What does he have in store for Damian Priest at #WWEBacklash?

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Joshua Gutierrez
4 months ago

Can someone tell me the name of the song in the background?

Yolanda Soro
4 months ago

You go Bad Bunny❤

4 months ago

Bad bunny is a goat

Larry Parker
4 months ago

The new cesoro

Martin Teece
4 months ago

Honest him and logan Paul done well for celebs. I mean they actualy bother to get in the performance center and go through the drills and learn everything possible. Other celebs litteraly appear on day and are like Hay hiw I do this. Eg royal rumble entrants. Like drew cerry. Yea it ment be a funny spot but I feel all should learn the ropes if want a spot in any ring

4 months ago

He showed why us PR are the best.

Grimlow _
4 months ago

That special dangerous

4 months ago

He is just waste

4 months ago

That's an interesting pile driver variant

4 months ago

He better than Logan Paul

Stella Hernandez
4 months ago

He doesnt go down

Crazy 999
4 months ago

Damian lost too bad bunny

4 months ago

Hes the best celebrity to appear in wwe. Hes likeable, he's not afraid to take risks and he can take some pretty painful bumps

Jason Damrau
4 months ago

Stop doing the Canadian Destroyer. He has to rely souch on the professional superstars talemt that it just doesnt look right. Riddle sold it so well it looked like he countered a move

Gurpyar Singh
4 months ago


Sai Ren
4 months ago

Bad Bunny vs Logan Paul would be interesting.

Pratim Koch
4 months ago

Best celebrity wrestler we have ever witnessed.

harshadd_ waghmarre
4 months ago

idk why but i like this guy more than other superstars

Sebastian Andres
4 months ago

Bad bunny got the same skill as sin Cara

4 months ago

I’m going to Puerto Rico to kick your A**

ahmad basiri
4 months ago

The Logo of Wrestler mania is cool

roxy Ybarra
4 months ago

Hi bad bunny

tristan joseph
4 months ago

Miz is never going to disrespect bad bunny anymore

sakhib " ZaC* " syed
4 months ago

Rated not only a good musician but a talented a wrestler

Original Hybrid
4 months ago

He needs to stick to music

Carlos Cordova
4 months ago

Bad Bunny vs Logan Paul

4 months ago

We from Puerto Rico

You wanna know what happens when you mess with us? Your family tree will be expired

Mark Danger
4 months ago

Bad bunny is really good but the wrestlers really sold for him, he got that celebrity treatment

4 months ago

This is a celeb hall of famer that actually makes SENSE.

Aaditya Sisodiya
4 months ago

Thank's to all seller

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