Braun Strowman enlists the help of mistletoe and ring announcer Samantha Irvin to revive Ricochet

During the out-of-control Miracle of 34th Street Fight, The Monster of All Monster uses love to save the day.
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3 months ago

And people say Wwe is scripted

3 months ago

Best wingman ever lol Lowkey would like to see them win tag team gold .

3 months ago

I think the subtitles are drunk.

3 months ago


3 months ago

Stupid story line should hire the better story writer

3 months ago

I Love u சமந்தா

3 months ago

Best moment in the 25 years of SmackDown!

3 months ago

How does it work for richochet but when I used it on my ex boyfriend he fell asleep afterwards

3 months ago

Samantha can turn anyone into hulk Hogan with those kisses

3 months ago
3 months ago

this is real…energy is real… i feel it

3 months ago

They should add that to his move set in WWE 2K

3 months ago


3 months ago

my boi needs to be boinked… His horniness will endanger us all

3 months ago

Damn Ricochet has some of the best high flying skills ever.

3 months ago

The kiss made ricochet turn into the ultimate warrior

3 months ago

"Cause you were sitting next to me dummy!"

3 months ago

That’d fire me up

3 months ago

Strowman ❎ Wingman ✅

3 months ago

Ricochet achieved bankai with that kiss

3 months ago

I really enjoyed watching the Ricochet and Strawman together

3 months ago

Why kissed him?

3 months ago

Practical example of Zero to Hundred.

3 months ago

"real-life girlfriend". RIP Kayfabe.

3 months ago

تم شحن البطاريه

3 months ago

I ain’t gone lie that was corny my boy

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