What if this is Asuka, Kairi, Iyo's new theme?

BGM – ‘The Black Lotus’ – ALunaticFringe [YOUTUBE]
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2 months ago

sounds trash.

2 months ago

don't be surprised if wwe send you emails for this theme

2 months ago

What in the tekken… ?

2 months ago

Is this mash up available anywhere in full?

2 months ago

I think iyo, asuka and kairi are great as a three person group. They should turn on Dakota too then Dakota is free to focus on her singles career now that damage control and bayley want nothing to do with her

2 months ago

I don't like it.
Prefer Iyo Sky old entrance where are does that lean back and the drunk walk.

2 months ago

No lyrics, no soul, just a generic instrumental, wwe used to be really good with the entrance music, every song had meaning idk whats going wrong with wwe. I really miss those old entrance music

2 months ago

Asuka, looking super sexy!!

2 months ago

Imagine them putting you in a headlock, armbar and kneebar and you just bust all over the place

2 months ago

Based on what happened last Smackdown, it's just the Damage Control theme but with new lyrics (and supposedly Iyo singing)

2 months ago

Excellent Suggestion, Idea and Creation bro! They should use this. WWE PLEASEEE

2 months ago

This is one of the best things in WWE right now going on

Io, Kairi and Asuka have to have long title reigns to make this faction strong keep speaking in Japanese and get a new theme song for when the 3 of them come out together and get a new name for their faction

I see them keep those titles till at least maybe next years Mania

As for this years SS I hope it's Io's new faction vs Bayley's team

2 months ago

Still hoping for this stable to have the name: "Subtitles please"

2 months ago

Since Iyo is the only one who can speak English, is she the mouthpiece?

2 months ago

What the hell

2 months ago

Now, Black lotus is reunited once again. Just waiting for Giulia to debut.

2 months ago

Diva The Shield?

2 months ago

Man, Japanese wrestlers just have so much damn swag, from their outfits, entrances, characters, etc. I love this trio!

2 months ago

Bro they look so damn badass Iyo kairi and Asuka I hope they stay together even after mania and Iyo loses to Bayley

2 months ago

I like it

2 months ago

The Bukkaki Warrior Trio

2 months ago

This means damage control is over. Iyo Sky join to the Kabuki Warriors. Just it.

2 months ago


2 months ago

Well Bayley is getting the edge treatment make a stable get betrayed by stable. What’s next Dakota is actually working this from an angle.

2 months ago

Kinda a remix from their times in NJPW and Stardom

2 months ago

It would be an awesome theme no doubt

2 months ago

It would be nice if the announcers would shut up for a moment while the intro music played.

2 months ago

Who cares if it is? Bay's a top draw. Her, Chuck, Becks and Rhea – yeah they draw enough to warrant music. The rest of the gals (big Asuka fan) – I love 'em but ain't not one person setting an appointment to watch their matches.

2 months ago

Giulia from Stardom is coming soon Kairi and Iyo knew her and they will have great chemistry ⚛️ with her in her stable she will be the enforcer to this group.

2 months ago

Falta mayu iwatani

2 months ago

No comment just love ❤❤..

2 months ago


2 months ago

Being honest, this stable, if remains this way, meaning, Iyo, Kairi and Asuka, needs to be dominant, I mean, here you have 3 of the most talented wrestlers in the world, everyone of them, call it in one point, the best female wrestler of the world.

2 months ago

I have one wish I wish I could valentine day with Asuka that will be a dream

2 months ago

Sounds good but it needs an intro.

2 months ago

This means damage control is over. Iyo join to the kabuki warriors. Just it.

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