Edge's New WWE Gimmick Blocks AEW Debut!

Today’s wrestling news:
0:00 Intro
0:33 Edge’s New WWE Gimmick Blocks AEW Debut!
4:16 Details On Brock Lesnar’s New WWE Contract
6:04 Adam Cole Considered “DONE” In WWE
8:16 USA Network Upset With Stacked WWE SmackDown Roster?
10:05 Twitter Questions
14:45 And Finally…

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1 month ago

Awww boo. Gangrel rules!

1 month ago

Yes because Comcast paid them a billion dollars for the right to show WWE content from the network on peacock and this is what they're getting with raw

1 month ago

What culture wrestling are shills for WWE, hence why they got rid of all the founders of What Culture Pro Wrestling. So they can lick the boots of WWE.

1 month ago


1 month ago

Was there any reason that WWE decided to pull this entrance out for Summer Slam this year? Like was it the 20th anniversary of the Brood's debut? Seems kinda weird that they would just randomly decided to use this entrance for Edge at Summer Slam.

1 month ago

More of edges wwe tribute to old character it’s not new

1 month ago

Is Andy Murray a persona played by Simon Whistler? Looks very similar.

1 month ago

I don't know how people watch WWE programming without eventually resorting to self harm.

1 month ago

Doubt AEW will be all that worried what WWE does cause CM PUNK TRUMPS any of there crap

1 month ago

Why be angry ? Gangrel is not a big superstar, not anymore, not close to Edge status, we havent seen him since early 2000s

1 month ago

Someone tipped off Vince and they did the Brood entrance just to screw over AEW's plan.

1 month ago

I think Gangrel is full of shit.

1 month ago

Christian stooged

1 month ago

TNA would have gone through with it back in the day

1 month ago

It’s funny because I can’t picture WWE changing plans because AEW doing something…

1 month ago

10:22 "Has he ever held the Universal Championship?"
Really…? I mean I understand we forget things sometimes, but Brock Lesnar was the Universal Champ for for almost 2 years straight. He held it for frikkin 504 days, lost it and won it back 2 months later to keep it an additional 156 days. He was Universal Champ for a total of 660 days between WrestleMania 33 and 35. And he would soon after that win it for the 3rd time from Rollins.

This is why I'm not excited at all for Lesnars return and why I don't really understand the people who are. We used to boo the crap out of him for 2 years straight due to him being an absent champion. But I guess that's all in the past now, despite being just 3 years ago.

P.S: I don't mind Lesnar being in the WWE having occasional matches. I just hate him in the title picture due to him not being full time.

1 month ago


1 month ago

So the big question: does AEW sign Kevin Nash to lay out Punk tonight? It’s a can’t miss angle.

1 month ago

Imagine Messi scores a winner in the champions league knockout stages, Sergio Ramos runs to him to celebrate with him, instead he gives him a running power slam and goes like "I am not finished with you" while the commentators are like "wait who was that…."

1 month ago

Well your headline is wrong first off. Obviously not a "New" gimmick.

1 month ago

Part of me wants to see Roman dissect and humiliate Lesnar like he did Cena.

1 month ago

He didn’t spoil it he knew lol y’all know……..

1 month ago

got a chance to know Gangrel down in South Florida a bit…. I'M SO BUMMED!!

1 month ago


1 month ago

Haha adam cole in the ICP. Violent J the juggla Shaggy 2 Dope the southwest Strangla and Adam Cole the Bay Bay

1 month ago

That shirt is epic.

1 month ago

Right, i know the channel needs to make money and only way to do that on YouTube is via ads, but ads at 3, 7, 9, 12 and 14 mins?!?!? Bit of an overkill. More and more of whatculture videos are getting ads every 3 to 5 mins. Love the channel, but the high volume of ads is getting close to an unsubscriber in me. Im just waiting for the Patreon plugs to start……

1 month ago

*AEW blocks AEW debut. You guys need to try harder.

1 month ago

When raw was the the flagship show it was the same thing so I don’t see what’s the problem it’s the writers I remember when raw would literally get all the stars and smack down would have to make new ones and then when they got big enough they move them over then during the fact if smack down drafted a good star then moved them back to raw in like a couple weeks

1 month ago

The network should be mad

1 month ago

The brood good stable

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