Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail Live Letter – NEW JOBS TRAILER ?! – Reaction & Analysis

Today I’ll be checking out Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail Live Letter.

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29 days ago

I’ve only been playing healers, most of the time with Astro. I’ve recently been trying out Sage. I am willing to give the Astro update a chance, but yeah the randomness was part of the charm. There were a few instances I’ve gotten overwhelmed since there is just so much to keep track of, so the rework may help in those instances, but I do feel like the charm is gone. It feels like when they changed Hunting Horn in Rise

29 days ago

With Halo pretty much dead, Mountain Dew needed a new game to leech onto. XD

29 days ago

I kinda agree on gap closers – most of the time they are not being used for their intended purpose but just as normal oGCD. But then, it's up to player to know when he's going to need a gap closer to leave one charge instead dumping it all.
When it comes to positionals – one in normal combo (so you have to maintain your position on the boss) and additional on cooldown weaponskills is probably the best solution. Ideally, I'd like that there would be something different to positional than just potency increases, like when used from the rear a skill would apply a DoT and when used from the side, it would enable an extra (o)GCD, fill up your job gauge faster or give you a buff, etc.

29 days ago

Yoshi-P needs to let us keep bright limbal rings on Au Ra, or just make it a character creator option

29 days ago

Still no voice over ?

29 days ago

Bunny girls are more important.

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