Asuka crowns Ember Moon the new NXT Women's Champion: NXT TakeOver: WarGames

Asuka shows respect to her former rival after Ember Moon captures her first NXT Women’s Title: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.
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22 days ago

ASUKA is the best person in this world!

22 days ago

{Ember Moon/Athena} isfp 4w5
{Kana/Asuka} isfp 6w5

22 days ago

Black and Gold NXT will always be remembered as the best ever.
In its prime, it broke records and it was the hottest weekly wrestling show in the world.
Sasha vs Bayley Rivalry
Asuka's undefeated streak
DIY vs Revival Classic Feud.
Sami vs Neville
Sami vs KO
Undisputed Era
North American Championship Bout
Johnny Gargano vs Andrade
Adam Cole vs Gargano
Gargano vs Tomaso.
Shayna Bazler and Kairi Kane rivalry.
These all were pure gold.

22 days ago

Asuka is a class act, definitely a stand out in the WWE

22 days ago

Asuka was so wholesome here

22 days ago

Nxt crowd is the best

22 days ago

Triple H needs to bring her back

22 days ago

Amazing Oscar was the greatest NXT women’s champion in history NXT, but her time in the sunlight has come to an end, and the new sunlight I just began G end of the old era, the NXT women’s champion title into the Legacy last forever

22 days ago

Dropped the ball with this girl man

22 days ago

❤❤❤❤i love you asuka

22 days ago

I. Miss. This. NXT.

22 days ago

Asuka w the iced out watch daamn

22 days ago

If they was tag team bruh it be so good

22 days ago

This was simply wrestling poetry.
Asuka Reign is Wrestling poetry

22 days ago

Congratulations ember

22 days ago

I was so freaking happy for her

22 days ago

Anyone here in 2021 after Ember came back to NXT after leaving the main roster and challenged Rochelle Gonzalez for the women's title?

22 days ago


22 days ago

Asuka should’ve turned heel here


That lady in the green sweater i see her everywhere

22 days ago

Asuka is so cute!!

22 days ago

I never knew ember moon won nxt title

22 days ago

Vitoria Ember moo


Embers first title wow!

22 days ago

imensurável extraordinário asuka flanejante majistral godo gd antológico

22 days ago

Asuka dress is the dress that she wear in wrestlemania

22 days ago

Bad story-telling, Ember should have smacked her chops off!

22 days ago


22 days ago

Both are soo cute and adorable

22 days ago

I love asuka so cute ☺☺☺


There’s the Askua respectful askua that WWE know

22 days ago

I broke into tears

22 days ago

Remember this when this was 6 hours now 3 years…….

22 days ago

Let’s be honest
Finn Balor
Samoa Joe
Aleister Black
Bianca Belair
And Asuka thrived and better in NXT

22 days ago

Imagine if ember returned on raw to challenge asuka

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