BREAKING: Jeff Hardy Fired – Real Reason Why…WWE Legend RIP…Wrestling News

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0:23 AEW Dynamite: The Good, The Bad & The Downright Ugly
4:36 WWE Releases Jeff Hardy
5:28 WWE Signs 15 New Athletes
7:28 WWE Hall of Famer Passes Away
8:48 “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan Cancer-Free

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1 year ago

I hope he does well this time. It just seems like such a hard demon to battle. I really think he needs to stay out of the business. He's a liability to any company he works for. He needs to focus on himself and his kids. He has put himself through so much for more than half his life.

white sox fan luis zavala

Dang jeff got released

BITW Awesome
1 year ago


I Can't Believe It's Not Butter

Within a year and Matt telling AEW that Jeff is doing well…AEW here I come.

James Piccone
1 year ago

The fact that they resigned Kevin Owens shows how out of touch they are.

1 year ago

I’m honestly kinda tired or hearing about the dumpster fire that is Jeff Hardy’s life.

You can only extend out sympathies and offers to help someone for so long without meaningful change before it just becomes old hat and pointless to try to care about someone that clearly doesn’t care about themself enough to be better for their own sake, let alone all of the young people over the years that are/were fans of his.

He has already tarnished his career and reputation pretty well beyond repair, and now he just needs to retire and seek out permanent residence at a rehab facility.

Tairone Wassup
1 year ago

Jeff quit wwe his own way. He probably found out it wasn’t the same anymore

Levon The Lights
1 year ago

Man he is my favorite wrestler and this sucks.

1 year ago

Hardy Boys 2022, who would've thought.

Mike Hagge
1 year ago

Jeff is a junkie

Shane Decker
1 year ago

Time to give up on Jeff. He's another Hall

1 year ago

Jeff just can consistently keep it together and that is a shame. I definitely don't want him in AEW now. Just rest and heal the body and mind.

Pulse Gamin
1 year ago

Kinda funny people want Jeff to go to the same place Matt nearly got his brains smeared all over the floor. On live TV. Then they tried to hide the severity of what happened. Really sounds like a great place
for him haha

David Bradford
1 year ago

Jeff hardy im a fan of you no matter what you know it’s hard to get clean and it’s even harder to stay clean I know from experience it took me years to get clean and have been clean 21 years now I can understand going through pain so bad after a while you can no longer take it and you have to find something to help cope with it wether it be alcohol illicit drugs or pain pills I’ll never turn my back on someone who struggles with their demons I’d rather stick by them and help if I’m able then to ignore their problems and have them end up possibly taking their life

1 year ago

Before anyone else says Jeff has relapsed Matt's has told what really happened and it has nothing to do with drugs don't listen to rumors people

George Freiberg
1 year ago

did you say aew has to be careful with black spitting his mist cause of covid he was literally inches from pacs face holding his head try an other excuse

1 year ago

It's sad, but Im now doubting Jeff will ever wrestle again 🙁

John Lai
1 year ago

I just wish Jeff Hardy nothing but the best!

Desham Mundys
1 year ago

I love how everyone loves Jeff, this makes my heart warm seeing how loved he is by others

1 year ago

The way Matt is talking on twitter, wwe isn't telling the entire story

1 year ago

Jeff needs to rehab at the same place as Jon Moxley.

Laya Monarez
1 year ago

Jeff we all love you buddy. Whatever you're going through just know you are beloved.

Brian Belcher
1 year ago

My cousin OD'd in my basement in July out of nowhere. Talked to him earlier that day and thought he had been clean for months. I was in the house the whole time and didn't ever know he was dying downstairs. I hope jeff can find his way back to sobriety even if it means retiring. A lot of superstars die young and sudden and jeff is dancing with the devil. I'm sure he's a good guy… my cousin was too, but drugs couldn't care less who's life they take

Zachariah Blairsden
1 year ago

Sorry to hear about this. Knew it was coming for some time. I am pleased WWE tried to keep him active, but there is only so much that can be done. Even brother Matt stated Jeff is his own person & has to deal with his problem(s) on his own terms.

1 year ago

Jimmy uso – gets involved in a dui incident this year and could have killed someone and doesent get fired or offered rehab from what I've heard

Jeff hardy – gets drunk at a live event and never hurt anyone yet gets fired

Sydney M
1 year ago

This is probably unpopular but this was the first episode of AEW I have watched and don’t get the hype at all. They have a couple really good talents but the rest are mediocre at best.

maliyah fetter
1 year ago

Wish you the best of luck Jeff your an outstanding wrestler and guy I'm sure watched you for years hope you get it together this coming from a fellow addict it's very hard to know you can never touch whatever your drug choice is for fear of temptation and relapse my brother just died from a of two years ago my health has me needing pain meds daily but I chose not to some days are treacherous but I wish you the best Jeff from a fan mike

Haxel Stranger
1 year ago


Steven Blocker
1 year ago

I read the title and saw the thumbnail and thought Jim Duggan died. I don't want to accuse you of clickbait but…

Robert Bane
1 year ago

I really hope that Jeff gets better I always hated his demons getting the better of him, but we all know he's a fighter.

Phillip Thornton
1 year ago

Jeff looks like he could almost be the body double to slipknots Corey Taylor, I guess if given a mask and the same hair cut you could say that about anyone could be.

flatearthlogic dot net

Happy to hear Jim Duggen is better. Hope Jeff gets better. Clean up for God's sake.

Zenix Saxzon
1 year ago

Good on Hacksaw. Hate to see another one go. He deserved a few title runs too. Dude was OVER with the fans.

Zenix Saxzon
1 year ago

Cut costing measures lol

Bobby Johnson
1 year ago


1 year ago

Jeff's going to AEW to be with his bro

1 year ago

dude thats fucked up. Having Jim Duggan in the thumbnail and "WWE Legend RIP" is so fucking bad.

Boostedwrx91 Gaming
1 year ago

the release of jeff really sucks i was really looking forward to seeing him in action in january with my son. truly sad he cant kick the bad habits. the one man from the attitude era whos left is letting his life go. i hope he gets help

Joe Gilbo
1 year ago

I still don't think that it was a relapse call me crazy

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