Paul Heyman presents the prosecution side of the trial of Sami Zayn: Raw, Jan. 23, 2023

“The Honorary Uce” Sami Zayn goes on trial in a Tribal Court where The Head of the Table announces an ultimatum for Zayn. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more. #WWERAW
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Brandon Cornwell
1 year ago
1 year ago

Paul Heyman calling Sami "Judas", Reminds me of Jericho

Shahbaz alam
1 year ago

The character development of Jey Uso from the time Sami joins Bloodline till now is story telling at its best. It feels so natural.

top tier
1 year ago

4 life lmao

Jaycole Jones
1 year ago

Pure Genius!!!!!

Carlos Luigi Panopio

Sami Zayn proved that he was GUILTY!!! as charged!

Jeff Jackson
1 year ago

Heyman's non-current accusations are the beginning of the downfall of the bloodline. His opening statement was weak and old.

Hrushi ke vlogzzzzz
1 year ago

Sami was guilty.

Vujadin Bogunović
1 year ago

Is anyone except me wondering what Paul Heyman was saying in Samoan speak?

Anglo Saxon
1 year ago

Never trust a jew

Brent Czapp
1 year ago

Thought the chant was Uce -C -Dub

Hywel Davies
1 year ago

This was superbly done

1 year ago

The end of the segment screams “WWE In Your House: Guilty as Charged”.

Julio Lopez
1 year ago

Paul had to get that Dangerous Alliance in,sweet.

A. J
1 year ago

Fact: No one speaks about Heyman's conspiracy with Lesnar

Subhadip Bhattacharyaya

When this thing started with Sami, I thought of two possibilities how Sami will eventually break free from Bloodline – one is Ko is getting beat down by bloodline and Sami couldn't bear it anymore and had to stop them to save his friend from butchery….second is Bloodline turns on Sami unexpectedly and Ko coming to the rescue….each will then turn to Ko-Sami vs Usos for tag team gold at Mania….but seeing how this is panning out, i am not sure anymore, i mean the possibility one is already out of the picture as Sami has seen Ko getting ambushed multiple times and did nothing…now after this court session, Roman's constant aggressiveness and negligence of Sami, even if the bloodline turns on Sami, will it have that much shock value now…!!! That's why I am thinking of a third possibility where Heyman is right and Sami turns on Bloodline or Roman in particular…

roger smith
1 year ago

Once bloodline ends Sami will go back to mid Card… so sad

roger smith
1 year ago

Sami almost laughed as well

roger smith
1 year ago

Roman was like wtf?? Try not to laugh

Phil Mac transport
1 year ago

Lesss good Sami bloodline 4life

Rated Rage
1 year ago

Sami Deserves better! Give that man some Gold

S.M Abbas Ali
1 year ago

Sami has been telling from day 1 that he is the master strategist.

five two-one 4 five one

Seriously, sami zayn and the bloodline's segments have been absolute gold since day one. I wholeheartedly believe these segments alone are enough reason to put sami zayn in the hall of fame one day. Priceless. Sometimes, the reason smackdown is must-watch. Thank you for these.

Jimuel Cedo
1 year ago

Bring back ECW!

Afi James
1 year ago

This segment is defintely heading on my list of the year's 10 best, compelling and powerful, this is gonna get a slammy award, big thumbs up for me.

1 year ago


1 year ago

Like i said, roman beats kevin owens at royal rumble, sami zayn wins the royal rumble, due to the constant questioning of his loyalty, he 2 weeks to the rumble decides to fight roman at wrestlemania. Kevin owens fights the bloodline outside and zayn beats roman fair and square

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