The Miz pushed The Ring General to his limit on #WWERaw!


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2 months ago

So refreshing to see a figure four

2 months ago

go miz n johnny, gunther n kaiser sucks

2 months ago

Miz is one of the if not the most underappreciated wrestlers ever, this man has been here for almost 2 decades, and people still see him as some midcard jobber.

2 months ago

Nobody gonna tap out of that

2 months ago

god bless all the members of WWE

2 months ago

Who care wwe suck

2 months ago

Miz is very skilful

2 months ago

Neta hai nahi
Dictatorship aur media walon ka banaya hua hai
Agar 2014 kay manifesto par vote mange toh kursi jate der nahi lagni
Aur log agar andhbhakt na ho toh

2 months ago

Wade: I never seen Gunther tap out.

No one remembers when Ilja made Gunther tap?

2 months ago

When all is said and done, Mike is still awesome!!

2 months ago

Did he forget Gunther tapped out to Elia dragonouv

2 months ago

People notice that Gunther stop acting like he was in pain after johnny gargano and kaiser got in the ring?.


I like the aggressive Miz. Don't make him a jobber. He is extraordinary

2 months ago

Bro miz is winning that title from Gunther no matter what he is going to tie y2j with international Ranse

2 months ago

Awesome Amazing Spectacular and Brutal.

2 months ago

Miz once again doing someone else's moves because his own moves aren't entertaining enough

2 months ago

miz is on fire these dayes, but there's also vinci who is so underrated

2 months ago

Did anyone ever submit to the figure 4 remind me please ?

2 months ago

Gunther is annoying i dont know why the three of them haven been cut yet they are not a draw

2 months ago

Miz is going to dethrone Gunther

2 months ago

imagine the crowd if he would’ve tapped

2 months ago

Todos los que defienden el campeonato deberían de ser super machos no con ayuda

2 months ago

Miz needs to win title

2 months ago

Would be sweet for Miz to take the IC title from Gunther Ric Flair style !

2 months ago

Tap bruh we need a new champion

2 months ago

That's the worst pain face acting I've ever seen

2 months ago


2 months ago

No cap the miz is one of the best underrated wrestlers in WWE

2 months ago

The Miz has Gunther number deserves an rematch for the Intercontinental title The Miz is one to end his title reign as Intercontinental Champion

2 months ago

This is patetic

2 months ago

A decir verdad ojalá lastimen al miz x q para nadie le sorprende q para hacer trampa el miz tiene la corona al tramposo más grande del mundo y a mi me gustan las peleas limpias yo recuerdo que mi héroe hulk hogan si peleaba limpio y era un ejemplo a seguir y ver pelear al miz me muero de risa x q el sería bueno como comediante en lugar de súper estrella ese es mi opinión personal

2 months ago

Vincent's didntget millionaire drivings washington

2 months ago

Good going MIZ I loved it

2 months ago

Sou apaixonado pelo miz ❤❤❤❤❤

2 months ago

Miz's tights look like a tribute to Rick rudes road sign tights.


There would be a new champ if it wasn't a tag match

2 months ago

Lol no he didn't

2 months ago

The MIZ destroys Gunther

2 months ago

Didn't see this match but please tell me ring general won?

2 months ago

Brock Lesnar is coming to face you gonther

2 months ago

That was a good match

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