The Rock DESTROYS The French Army #therock #stonecold #tripleh #france #usa #wwe #ufc #jre #joerogan


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2 months ago

except the French protest the govt for every rights violations they commit. amerikans are so weak and dumbed down watching tv, eating GMO food, and drinking fluoride.

2 months ago

La Resistance was hilarious

2 months ago

funny because the french actually have a better win record than the usa

2 months ago

Man miss them days

2 months ago

Rock you can't cook shit .

2 months ago

The rocks a liberal democrat loving trump hating idiot

2 months ago

Those where the days of „Freedom Fries“…

2 months ago

To be fair, this bit sucked! Don't do a French accent if you can't do one. Also, even for then, this was a lazy and tired ass joke. It's also ignorant as hell.

2 months ago

That first part is cringey as fuck, especially considering that the French were right re WMDs. WWE should keep politics out of wrestling.

2 months ago

Man, this shit is cringey.

2 months ago

I love the Rock and sock connection

2 months ago

One of the best never gets old ❤

2 months ago

Here's The Rock's Jumping Clothesline as showcased in WWF No Mercy for N64 at 0:36.

2 months ago

The French Tickler was electrifying in its own right.

2 months ago

This is true if you are talking about Vietnam

2 months ago

He talks like this about France but France is the country with the most military wins in history

2 months ago

If you smelllllllll the SOCK

2 months ago

I miss The Rock and Sock connection

2 months ago

Nobody go mention that kick up from the rock the speed the perfection and they talk about shawn give this man his flowers

2 months ago

The Rock and Mick Foley was an amazing combo of charisma.

2 months ago

shit bollox story,

2 months ago

The Rock and Sock connection was probably one of the greatest things to happen. It showed that 2 characters that have no business being together can have chemistry together and created tons of enjoyable moments.

2 months ago

Too Bad, I loved the rock until I Saw this promo

2 months ago

Well the French were right on that occasion, weren't they? Also, Dwayne is not real Hawaiian.

2 months ago

This is when wrestling was still good.

2 months ago

What happens to the Rock's sunglasses when he got punched? That's very dangerous for his eyes.

2 months ago

BET YOUR ASS!!…… what did you just say?

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