Good vs Bad WWE Theme Songs ft Ricochet

This is part 5 of good vs bad themes but with WWE Superstar, Ricochet! Who has the best WWE theme song? #shorts

Shout out to Brent Grody for recording!


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1 month ago

The one and only has very good taste in anime

1 month ago

What the fuck are you guys doing

1 month ago

I still sing "Biscuits and Gravy" to myself when Luke Gallows comes onscreen

1 month ago

This dude has a Eagles hat on the Eagles go on the trash dude

1 month ago

Biscuits and gravy love that theme

1 month ago

Ricochet had no choice that would’ve been a awkward talk with the boss man lol

1 month ago

Is that Richochet or a lookalike?

1 month ago

Did he have a demon slayer shirt because were do I get it

1 month ago

Ricochet is the goat

1 month ago

Was that richoet?

1 month ago


1 month ago

Do you really like Ricochet’s theme?

1 month ago

Cringe, grow up

1 month ago

Wrestling themes are trash now. When I was younger and a full time fan in the 90s and early 2000s the entrance music was 10000000000x better.


Is Ricochet an Eagles fan? Did he just become one of my favorite wrestlers ever?



1 month ago

Shows you how much Ricochet truly cares about pro wrestling. If you dont know who "The Million Dollar Man's" son, then youre a lost cause. Ted DiBiase Jr. is the son of "The Million Dollar Man". He was also in a faction with Orton and your "Ameriecan Crybaby" Cody Rhodes called Legacy. If Ricochet cared about the history of the WWE. He'd know about Legacy

1 month ago

I love dx and triple h theme songs

1 month ago

Ted's them song was about the only thing that was good about him.

1 month ago

I love ted dibiase jr. Theme song its got a real good rhythm

1 month ago

This is why they keep him on lower mid-card

1 month ago

I miss Ricochet's old theme.

1 month ago

Biscuits and Gravy fucking slaps.

1 month ago

Ted dibiase jr theme was amazing… Each to their own I suppose.

1 month ago

Is that Ricochet

1 month ago

Bro Ted Dibiase's song was fire wth

1 month ago

This is a cool collab

1 month ago

Nah, Ricochet gotta come in to the Mucha Lucha theme song.

1 month ago

Ricochet theme is trash

1 month ago

Ted Dibiase Jr entrance music is underrated!


Nice t-shirt ricochet

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