Messi doing Messi things🔥🇦🇷 #football ⚽️


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1 month ago

1st comment plz pin

1 month ago

L sportsmanship, that’s why I hate messi

1 month ago

Messi does:what a dribble
Ronaldo does:disrespectful

1 month ago

Bro use tackle guy for obstical

1 month ago

Yes but ref didn't stop the game so he can dribble him and he was filming on the ground while messi chipping ball on him, guys chill just football

1 month ago

No respect

1 month ago

Me at school football

1 month ago

Burgers league



1 month ago

Messi's most kindest moment

1 month ago

always against me

1 month ago

ok lets be honest that was rude to not check on his oppent but at least he didn't kick the ball at him and hurt him even more he chiped the ball over him and running beside him

1 month ago


1 month ago

Respecting messi rn as Ronaldo fan❤❤

1 month ago

Better than kick a young player's stomach for the ball
United vs Liverpool ❤

1 month ago

FIFA’S boy

1 month ago

Ronaldo doin this deserves a red card and boos from fans for "disrespecting the player

Like bruv explain why does messi get all the appreciation

1 month ago

Is that the game when Messi lost 6-0 to Al Nasser

1 month ago

Messi dribbled past at an injured player give him the 2069 ballon d'or

1 month ago

I swear pigssi is being over protected

1 month ago

Pepsi can't even live without a penalty

1 month ago

Tbh messi is a great dribbler but he is playung in hamburger like ronaldo playing in camel league

1 month ago

This is not skill this is terrible

1 month ago

messi fair play

1 month ago

Idk why y'all like messi like all he do is run

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