Who remembers this insane finish??? 🙋‍♂️ #ufc

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29 days ago

Still not as clean as MVPs elbow.

29 days ago

KOd to slitherin

29 days ago

Yair kept stalling and waving up the crowd and korean zombie, you could tell he was annoyed at it at this point and just started to throw without care but he shouldnt have. It was honestly lucky af although im also not a yair fan so take that how you will

29 days ago

Wow what thats instinct

29 days ago

That was a headbutt
Shut your mouth Felder

29 days ago

This is up der with max Holloway vs Justin difference is the level of fighter and for the belt and max went up in weight to fight one of the scariest and best LWs but if ye take all that away still crazy imagine being there live for both

29 days ago


29 days ago

One of the sickest fights and sickest KO, beautiful.

29 days ago

Waoooooooooooooooooo beautiful ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

29 days ago

Still not sure if he threw that on purpose or not

29 days ago

Bu spor yapılmamalı

29 days ago

That was badass

29 days ago

was losing the fight handedly, do not like Yair

29 days ago

Yair settled the debate on which weapon is best to kill zombies.

29 days ago

Thats the one it took replays too understand what slept him

29 days ago

Top 20 ko for sure

29 days ago

That was literally a strike Batman or some crazy super hero martial artist would throw. He has eyes in the back of his head

29 days ago

Turn him into a mummy

29 days ago

One of the sickest kos ever at 4:59 in rd 3.

29 days ago

Koream fumbled the bag

29 days ago

That looked accidental but it was still crazy, it'd be crazier if that was intentional

29 days ago

Bests knockout in mma history??


I remember watching this fight live and being so confused as to why Korean Zombie just folded up out of nowhere until i saw the replay

29 days ago

Why didn't the referee help Korean zombie after, he was in a dangerous position KO.

29 days ago


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