20 Minutes of the Worst WWE Injuries

30 of the worst WWE injuries of all time!


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29 days ago

Good to know that Sheamus won the United States title at WM 37

29 days ago

1:52 Mega-botch on the behalf of TapOutCorner

29 days ago

How do people not know how to use the word irony right when the dictionary has been around forever

29 days ago

This dude is awful at editing lol

29 days ago

It feels criminal to not include the infamous injury of Brock Lesnar!
For those who don’t already know: this occurred at wrestlemania 19, between a match against Kurt Angle. Towards the end of the match, Brock went to the top rope and attempted to do a shooting star press. Unfortunately, while he was able to do the move successfully before becoming a heavyweight, he undershot the maneuver and ended up getting a concussion. Fortunately, he was able to finish and win the match with help from his opponent Kurt Angle, who was also trying to fight with a pulled hamstring and a broken neck.

29 days ago

Chick got kicked that hard it kicked her eye lash off

29 days ago

So sad for Big E. Hope he comes back one day

29 days ago

Only in America!

29 days ago

I can never wrestle man. Anything can go wrong at anytime and it can change your life forever.

29 days ago

The lack of editing skills is sad

29 days ago

You missed johnny mercure’s

29 days ago

Ilja dragunov is from Germany not Russia

29 days ago

How do you have such bad editing on every video?

29 days ago

Woman wrestling and amazing match doesn’t go in the same sentence

29 days ago

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29 days ago

0:48 when my mom can’t find the belt..

29 days ago

Seeing this video after Big E’s tweet makes this so much worse

29 days ago

Videos that aged very bad: That in fact ended Big E career

29 days ago

Why is it all the new guys?

29 days ago
29 days ago

Hmm didnt show Cenas Broke nose or hardcore Harleys cut back, easily 2 of the worst injuries.

29 days ago

Any story that starts with, “And the opponent was Nia Jax” almost always ends with an injury lol

29 days ago

Big e he hasn't even wrestled in a match since that injury

29 days ago

What’s with all this modern trash wrestling ? Show the real stuff

29 days ago

I know one thing if Blair is going to use her hair as a weapon, she should be disqualified & have to wear it up from then on!

29 days ago

WWF has not been good since 1992.

29 days ago

1:53 what happened

29 days ago

can you imagine big Daddy V jumps on your Spine XDD poor Kevin Nash 500 IBS on your Back

29 days ago

0:48 Ouch That’s Gonna Leave A Mark

29 days ago

Joey Mecurys is up there

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